Practicing Entrepreneurship at the Ipmafa UMKM Bazaar


KPI Ipmafa students of 3rd semester participated in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) bazaar activity organized by the Ipmafa alumni association in the context of the 14th Anniversary of 2022. They opened a stall to sell student products such as fruit ice, salad, getuk, banana chips, etc. Together with other stalls, KPI students enlivened the series of Dies Natalis activities, especially in economic activities.

Similar activities and the like are important to be continuously cunducted to train the students regarding their independence and entrepreneurial spirit. The entrepreneurial character that requires a person to have a tenacious, tough and creative attitude can certainly be achieved by practicing simple things such as selling on a small scale. By that way, they learn to go through the process and stages to reach the point of success. In running the stall, students also practice teamwork behavior between friends to share ideas and tasks so that a business can be managed more effectively.  


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