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Opening Ceremony of the Master's Degree Program

The Institute of Pesantren Mathaliul Falah (IPMAFA) Pati has officially opened Postgraduate program of the Arabic Language Education Study Program (PBA) in accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia No 500 of 2023 concerning Permits to hold the Study Program Arabic Language Education for Magister Degree at the Mathaliul Falah Institute Pati.

For this reason, a joint thanksgiving event was held which was attended by the teachers of Mathaliul Falah (PIM) and IPMAFA. In the event, reading the Manaqib of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al Jailani was held for the blessings and benefits of education at IPMAFA which has been running for about 14 years.

IPMAFA Rector, KH Abdul Ghaffar Rozin - familiarly called Gus Rozin - in his remarks said that the Master degree in PBA Study Program is not merely for deepening Arabic language competence but also strengthening education management. The background to the opening of the PBA Master Degree was due, in part, to the fact that Arabic is one of the characteristics of Madrasan Mathaliul Falah whose character of strengthening religious knowledge.

PBA at IPMAFA is also one of the earliest study programs established since the existence of IPMAFA. "We should be grateful for this because in IPMAFA there is a seven-year cycle, namely in the first seven years, this college used to be called STAIMAFA and changed its status to IPMAFA, then in the following seven years IPMAFA brought new developments by opening a Masters level majoring in PBA. Gus Rozin also hopes that in time the doctoral program and other majors can be opened soon.

Then the Director of PIM KH Muhammad Abbad (Gus Mamad) also welcomed positively and felt proud of this achievement regarding the opening of the PBA Masters Degree. IPMAFA and PIM are institutions that are both under the auspices of the same Foundation. So on behalf of the Nurussalam Foundation, the institution tries to support as much as possible hoping that the opening of the Masters in PBA becomes the key to the opening of other departments and faculties. Thus the education in the IPMAFA environment will be maximized.

Hajar Pamuji Encourages KPI Students to Create Quality Content

Being a part of the hobbies for today's young generation, creative content nowadays can also generate financial benefit. However, it is better for beginners to be a content creator not driven by economic benefits, but focusing on producing quality content. This was conveyed by Hajar Pamuji, a senior content creator in Pati, during the Night of Friendship event (Makrab) for IPMAFA KPI students at Jollong Agro Tourism, Pati (5-6/11/2022).

Hajar conveyed in a relaxed but comprehensive manner about how to become a content creator who is not only oriented towards financial gain or the number of subscribers, but focuses on the quality of content as well as having human and religious values. Students were invited to watch the film "Jumilah" which tells the story of a simple idea, viz Indonesian migrant worker who have to work abroad and leave their lover. However, when he returned home to propose to his girlfriend, he was forced to run aground because it turned out that his lover already had another candidate.

Although the plot of film is simple, some religious and social messages can be conveyed well in Jumilah's film, such as praying on time, not taking revenge, being patient and giving help without discrimination. Jumilah's film was produced in a very short time in which taking pictures and editing took approximately one day.

According to Hajar, quality content can be realized from the ideas around us, so a content creator can actually be flexible in choosing any theme that will be turned into a content. But keep in mind, content should focus on certain themes such as traveling, unboxing, culinary, training, villages, religion, etc. Don't let a mixed channel contain content with different themes. For content creators who are already big, it might not be a problem to create content of different genres.

Hajar also said that creating content must be consistent so that it can be produced continuously. So content creators must determine broadcast targets so that their production is sustainable. Don't let content production be seasonal and temporary.

Nonton film Jumilah

Hajar Pamuji bersamapara content creator Pati

KPI Students Celebrate Shalawat with Az Zahir Pekalongan

Sholawat ceremony with Majelis Az Zahir Pekalongan became a special moment for KPI Ipmafa students because they were tasked with overseeing live streaming media during the event, 27 September 2022. In addition to adding experience in organizing technical broadcasts for thousands of people audience, students made this moment a moment of worship chanting prayers.

Gallery of KPI IPMAFA Students During Shalawat With Az Zahir Pekalongan

HMPS KPI Holds 3 Special Screens for the 14th Anniversary of Ipmafa


Practicing Entrepreneurship at the Ipmafa UMKM Bazaar

KPI Ipmafa students of 3rd semester participated in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) bazaar activity organized by the Ipmafa alumni association in the context of the 14th Anniversary of 2022. They opened a stall to sell student products such as fruit ice, salad, getuk, banana chips, etc. Together with other stalls, KPI students enlivened the series of Dies Natalis activities, especially in economic activities.

Similar activities and the like are important to be continuously cunducted to train the students regarding their independence and entrepreneurial spirit. The entrepreneurial character that requires a person to have a tenacious, tough and creative attitude can certainly be achieved by practicing simple things such as selling on a small scale. By that way, they learn to go through the process and stages to reach the point of success. In running the stall, students also practice teamwork behavior between friends to share ideas and tasks so that a business can be managed more effectively.  

PSSMB IPMAFA 2022 - After Movie

Halo, Para Mahasiswa baru Masih ingat dengan keseruan PSSMB IPMAFA 2022? Yuk, rasakan kembali keseruannya lewat After Movie PSSMB IPMAFA 2022! Terima kasih kepada seluruh pihak yang telah mendukung dan berpartisipasi dalam acara PSSMB IPMAFA 2022. Selamat memulai langkah baru di Institut Pesantren Mathalui'ul Falah para Maba Ipmafa. Jaga selalu semangat sinergi dalam harmonimu dalam berkontribusi untuk mewujudkan Indonesia yang lebih baik! Sekian Dan Terimakasih

Gus Rozin Encourages Khataman Al Quran as a Routine Activity at IPMAFA


As part of Ipmafa's 14th Anniversary, Ipmafa held recitation of khataman al-Quran binnadzar which was attended by the entire Ipmafa academic community. This khataman activity is also considered as a character of the application of Islamic boarding school values ​​in the university environment. In addition to khataman, it also conducted reading of manaqib for the blessing and smooth running of the event.

Gus Rozin as the Rector of Ipmafa said that khataman of al-Quran was actually a routine activity that had been preserved since the establishment of the Staimafa campus. Then since the Covid 19 pandemic caused the activity to stop temporarily. Gus Rozin hopes that this activity can be carried out regularly in the future, at least 2 times in 1 semester, or every 2 months, or even every 40 days. So khataman is a routine activity and religious culture that Ipmafa must maintain as islamic boarding school.

This khataman event was attended solemnly by all stakeholders within the Ipmafa such as the rector, vice rector, Deans and Study Programs, lecturers and employees, as well as cross-study students from all generations.


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