IPMAFA New Students Invited to Be Wise and Have Character in the Global Age


Ipmafa Pati - Deputy Chancellor I for Academic Affairs at IPMAFA, Dr. Ahmad Dimyati congratulated the new students for having the opportunity to continue their higher education at the IPMAFA campus. Not everyone has the opportunity to continue studying after finishing school, so that is something to be grateful for. He conveyed these congratulatory remarks at the inauguration and opening of the 2023 PSSMB IPMAFA, Monday (28/8/2023)

In his oration, Mr. Dimyati conveyed several things as general training to new students. Students must understand that in this world it is not enough to have a way of looking at globalism, namely seeing an interconnected order of life. Framing the outside world like that is certainly problematic because it gives the impression that globalism does not have certain boundaries. As a human being of a nation and state, everyone must maintain nationalism and an attitude of love for their homeland. Examples of the decline in nationalist attitudes in society are incidents of insulting national symbols, indifference to the integrity and unity of the country, and even acts of radicalism.

Apart from that, as students, many tend to prioritize intellectual and achievement achievements but do not include aspects of morality and good morals. As IPMAFA students, of course everyone will be equipped with various kinds of intellectual knowledge and theories. But as an Islamic boarding school campus, we will be equipped with values related to morality so that in the end students become figures of character and virtue.

The next thing that needs to be paid attention to is that many universities prioritize vocational aspects or special skills whose focus is focused on the market and industry needs. This also often includes important aspects related to character and cultivating morals. As a result, this can be seen from the news and facts circulating, not least among professionals, intellectuals and leaders who do not have a strong character base and actually harm the interests of society. A person's lack of values and character will lead to destructive behavior and attitudes.

Students are also invited to see that currently is an era where all aspects of life are technology-based so they must be based on awareness of human aspects. Technology must be seen as nothing more than a tool or device to achieve something, namely to make life easier, to make learning and work easier. The use of technology is very important and we need it together, but what is more important is that as humans we should not lose our identity and character.

While studying at IPMAFA, students will be given a variety of provisions, both intellectual and practical in nature or character and value instillation. In this way, students are expected to be wise, behave positively, and be able to sort out what is good and what is bad, whether something is useful or not. As a student, you must be able to see rationally and maturely so that you can consider the impacts that arise.


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