Opening Ceremony of the Master's Degree Program


The Institute of Pesantren Mathaliul Falah (IPMAFA) Pati has officially opened Postgraduate program of the Arabic Language Education Study Program (PBA) in accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia No 500 of 2023 concerning Permits to hold the Study Program Arabic Language Education for Magister Degree at the Mathaliul Falah Institute Pati.

For this reason, a joint thanksgiving event was held which was attended by the teachers of Mathaliul Falah (PIM) and IPMAFA. In the event, reading the Manaqib of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al Jailani was held for the blessings and benefits of education at IPMAFA which has been running for about 14 years.

IPMAFA Rector, KH Abdul Ghaffar Rozin - familiarly called Gus Rozin - in his remarks said that the Master degree in PBA Study Program is not merely for deepening Arabic language competence but also strengthening education management. The background to the opening of the PBA Master Degree was due, in part, to the fact that Arabic is one of the characteristics of Madrasan Mathaliul Falah whose character of strengthening religious knowledge.

PBA at IPMAFA is also one of the earliest study programs established since the existence of IPMAFA. "We should be grateful for this because in IPMAFA there is a seven-year cycle, namely in the first seven years, this college used to be called STAIMAFA and changed its status to IPMAFA, then in the following seven years IPMAFA brought new developments by opening a Masters level majoring in PBA. Gus Rozin also hopes that in time the doctoral program and other majors can be opened soon.

Then the Director of PIM KH Muhammad Abbad (Gus Mamad) also welcomed positively and felt proud of this achievement regarding the opening of the PBA Masters Degree. IPMAFA and PIM are institutions that are both under the auspices of the same Foundation. So on behalf of the Nurussalam Foundation, the institution tries to support as much as possible hoping that the opening of the Masters in PBA becomes the key to the opening of other departments and faculties. Thus the education in the IPMAFA environment will be maximized.


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