Hajar Pamuji Encourages KPI Students to Create Quality Content


Being a part of the hobbies for today's young generation, creative content nowadays can also generate financial benefit. However, it is better for beginners to be a content creator not driven by economic benefits, but focusing on producing quality content. This was conveyed by Hajar Pamuji, a senior content creator in Pati, during the Night of Friendship event (Makrab) for IPMAFA KPI students at Jollong Agro Tourism, Pati (5-6/11/2022).

Hajar conveyed in a relaxed but comprehensive manner about how to become a content creator who is not only oriented towards financial gain or the number of subscribers, but focuses on the quality of content as well as having human and religious values. Students were invited to watch the film "Jumilah" which tells the story of a simple idea, viz Indonesian migrant worker who have to work abroad and leave their lover. However, when he returned home to propose to his girlfriend, he was forced to run aground because it turned out that his lover already had another candidate.

Although the plot of film is simple, some religious and social messages can be conveyed well in Jumilah's film, such as praying on time, not taking revenge, being patient and giving help without discrimination. Jumilah's film was produced in a very short time in which taking pictures and editing took approximately one day.

According to Hajar, quality content can be realized from the ideas around us, so a content creator can actually be flexible in choosing any theme that will be turned into a content. But keep in mind, content should focus on certain themes such as traveling, unboxing, culinary, training, villages, religion, etc. Don't let a mixed channel contain content with different themes. For content creators who are already big, it might not be a problem to create content of different genres.

Hajar also said that creating content must be consistent so that it can be produced continuously. So content creators must determine broadcast targets so that their production is sustainable. Don't let content production be seasonal and temporary.

Nonton film Jumilah

Hajar Pamuji bersamapara content creator Pati


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