Gus Rozin Encourages Khataman Al Quran as a Routine Activity at IPMAFA



As part of Ipmafa's 14th Anniversary, Ipmafa held recitation of khataman al-Quran binnadzar which was attended by the entire Ipmafa academic community. This khataman activity is also considered as a character of the application of Islamic boarding school values ​​in the university environment. In addition to khataman, it also conducted reading of manaqib for the blessing and smooth running of the event.

Gus Rozin as the Rector of Ipmafa said that khataman of al-Quran was actually a routine activity that had been preserved since the establishment of the Staimafa campus. Then since the Covid 19 pandemic caused the activity to stop temporarily. Gus Rozin hopes that this activity can be carried out regularly in the future, at least 2 times in 1 semester, or every 2 months, or even every 40 days. So khataman is a routine activity and religious culture that Ipmafa must maintain as islamic boarding school.

This khataman event was attended solemnly by all stakeholders within the Ipmafa such as the rector, vice rector, Deans and Study Programs, lecturers and employees, as well as cross-study students from all generations.


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